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Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Tribal Resources

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

USDA Farm Bill - Hemp Research Roadmap

Hemp has great potential for uses in food, feed, fiber, and other industrial products that can improve the livelihoods of U.S. producers and offer consumers biobased products. However, the hemp industry is young and, therefore, it is critical to engage with stakeholders to identify needs from those investing in the hemp arena. Learn more in this USDA Farm Bill PDF.

Funding Assistance

Find resources to funding programs to help get your project off the ground!

Image by Vladimir Solomianyi

ICIA Draft Resolution

 Our resolution outlines our goals and objectives for advocacy work in the Indigenous cannabis space. We believe that the industry has the potential to bring positive change to indigenous communities. Check out our resolution here which encourages responsible, sustainable, and respectful practices and promotes the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities.

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