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ICIA is dedicated to being a resource for empowerment and growth in the cannabis market for Indigenous groups, and one way we work towards that end is in advocacy work in the everchanging landscape of cannabis legalization across the country. Looking for a place to start? Read on below to find out more?

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Building an equitable and sustainable Indigenous cannabis industry through sensible policy.

  • Work directly with local representatives to support fair implementation and enforcement of sensible cannabis policies and be a conduit of information for Tribal Nations and the community at large

  • Provide resources for Tribal governments and Indigenous people to design and advocate for better policies



Education, resources, educational and economic opportunities for our Indigenous entrepreneurs, Tribal Nations, and our communities.

  • Webinars, bootcamps, and other in-person educational events

  • Workforce development for our Indigenous communities members

  • Online business and policy tools and resources

  • Cannabis conviction expungement clinics and resources

  • Community education on safe, effective, and responsible cannabis use

Image by Scott Graham


Provide access to ICIA’s network to connect Tribal Nations, industry partners, advocacy groups, mentors, businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Connect with ICIA’s network through events, business spotlights, and speaking opportunities

  • Connect with lawmakers and regulators through ongoing advocacy and engagement opportunities and events

  • Connect with consumers, patients, and cannabis business owners with shared values and objectives of the ICIA


ICIA Advocacy in Action: National 420 Lobby Week, Washington, DC 2024

The power of advocacy and organizing was on display during a historical event, led by by Last Prisoner Project to convene the largest bipartisan coalition of cannabis advocates... several days later the DEA announced a recommendation to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule 1 to a III under the Controlled Substance Act. The unity campaigns included a call to protect the rights and interests of Tribal Nations during this historic lobbying event. 

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